martes, 3 de febrero de 2015


There are two groups of things: living things and non - living things.

There are four groups of living things: animals, plants, microorganisms and fungi.

There are two groups of animals: vertebrates and invertebrates.

Here there are some sites to find out information about vertebrates:

Our 3rd-A friend, Diego, has an amazing blog with his father and brother about BIRDS and lots of ANIMALS. It is an interesting field notebook (cuaderno de campo) that we can use to learn about the nature around us. In Spanish. 
Disfrutemos con la belleza de los paisajes y la vida que tenemos a nuestro alrededor.

- Wikifaunia: to learn a lot about animals' facts. In Spanish.

- A - z animals.: lo learn about animals. In English.

- Fauna Ibérica: another encyclopedia about animals. In Spanish.


They are animals that have a spinal column / spine / backbone.

VIDEO: vertebrates and invertebrates: Kent School

VIDEO  2: Vertebrates and invertebrates.

- Game: Find the differences among vertebrate animals. 
- Game: In the jungle. 
- Mammals memory game.
- Birds memory game.